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ACH Toy Drive in memory of Loralei Ann

Giving back and/or volunteering can provide a great opportunity for healing.

One local family has hosted a toy drive in memory of their daughter, Loralei Ann, as a way to channel their pain into something meaningful.

Loralei's mom, Danielle, writes,

"Loralei was born 5/5/12 (at 21 weeks). The doctor was unsure of exactly why it happened but my water slowly started leaking and I eventually went into labor. We have a birthday party for her each year and try and find different ways to honor her. We have done butterfly and balloon releases. We ask that the guests of the party bring a toy to be donated to Akron Children's Hospital in her honor. The toy drive has grown to the point that our friends and family donate even if they don't attend the party. I contact ACH to see what they need the most and all of the wonderful people in our lives help us to try and help the children who are admitted to the hospital."

Last year, the family was able to donate over 200 items to Akron Children's Hospital.

They will be hosting the toy drive again this year and we would like to help them to honor their daughter.

According to Danielle, volunteer services at Akron Children's Hospital has provided her with the following Wish List:

Colored Pencils

Finger Paints


Small toys for prizes

DVDs - they use these mostly when they have to transport kids i in the ambulance. Also need DVDs for teens (PG-13 and lower).

We hope that you will consider donating to help this family celebrate their daughter. Please message our Executive Director, Deanna Slifka, at to make arrangements for pick up.

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